Insurance and Restoration

Whether you’re an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster, restoration company, claims support personnel or policy holder, Matterport delivers accurate, transparent, fair documentation and valuations with pristine measurement accuracy.

The Colorbull Advantage

Matterport enables insurance professionals to experience full claims visualization truth, and allows for streamlining the management of complex claims and processes spanning geography, personnel, systems, buildings, and workflows.

Claims Documentation

Send a Matterport model quickly to your adjuster, multiple subcontractors, and your TPA partners to reduce cycle times and improve job costing.

ERP Plans

Use Mattertags and labels to showcase sprinkler systems, utility shutoffs, emergency exits, and alarm systems, and limit damage during a catastrophe.


Utilize the Matterport digital twins as a collaborative tool for underwriting, risk control, and to enable the insurance buyer to identify exposures and opportunities for risk improvement.

Catastrophe Response

Deploy Matterport’s camera ubiquity to easily capture multiple spaces, and settle claims quickly and efficiently.

With Matterport TruePlanTM for Xactimate®, restoration contractors and insurance adjusters no longer need to manually measure and sketch properties to determine the value of the property loss, or estimate repair and rebuilding costs. Our turnkey TruePlan add-on service delivers an accurate Xactimate-compatible file (.SKX) after being ordered from the Matterport platform.

Case Studies

ATI Restoration, LLC (ATI)

ATI Restoration, LLC (ATI) is the largest family-owned disaster restoration contractor in the United States. It specializes in recovery efforts following earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and other large-scale catastrophes. ATI invested in Matterport for its ability to capture spatial measurements as well as 4K imagery in immersive 3D. Inspections are now conducted with Matterport Pro2 cameras, and estimators can download the scans and calculate repairs all from their home or remote offices. Subcontractors can likewise get the specs they need without having to visit the site. The results are transformative: much more accurate measurements, dramatically faster field inspections, faster repairs, and faster claims resolution.


  • Improved measurement accuracy, from 87 – 90% to 97.5 – 99%
  • 5x productivity gains in sketch time
  • 4x times loss estimation
  • Reduced site visits and associated expenses
“The number-one resource when we go into an area hit by a catastrophe is time and the ability to work as quickly as possible to help restore property and life habits. Using the right technology allows us to do that quickly and accurately.”
Robb Harrell
Director of Operational Improvements & Technology

Rimkus Consulting Group

As an international engineering and technical consulting company, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. focuses on finding new solutions to clients’ biggest challenges across the globe. The Rimkus Fire Practice adopted Matterport in 2018 to create highly accurate 3D digital twins of buildings or structures after they have incurred damage. Following the success of Matterport within the fire practice, Rimkus expanded utilization throughout practices including biomechanical, property, and architectural, engineering, and construction services.


  • Strengthened productivity by reducing inspection time while maintaining thorough and accurate data collection
  • Allowed Rimkus experts to examine details of loss scenes after site remediation/cleanup
  • Facilitated collaboration across practice areas by reducing need for multiple inspections and enabling accurate measurements of buildings and structures post-inspection
  • Provided value-add to clients by creating virtual walk-through capabilities
“Our most important asset is our knowledgeable, dedicated team of employees. Providing our consultants with technology, like Matterport, to help make them more efficient benefits both our consultants and our clients.”
Thomas W. Young
Vice President, Rimkus Fire Practice